Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm learning new things each day!

I've learned a lot since I joined the program - The Secret Of Slim...

Here is a few insights from what they are teaching me.

It’s amazing to learn that slowing down the rate that you consume your food can have a great affect on your weight loss actions.

Here’s a quirky reason why…

The more time it takes you to eat your food, the less food you will need to eat to feel happy within yourself. It takes your body about. 20 minutes to send signals from your stomach to your brain about how full it’s getting…

There are some great methods that can get you out of the bad habit of eating too fast and as a result not realising you are eating too much.

If you’ve already joined the free members weight loss area and got your hands on the manuscript ‘The Secret Of Slim’ you’ll have already started to bind your own biological urges to help fight this problem…

Try chewing your food a little while longer before you swallow it, this will help with the digestion of the food and that extra few moments it takes you to chew will also help you to feel fuller without having to have such a big portion.

Don’t pile food on your fork or spoon until you have chewed and swallowed what you have already got in your mouth. One simple way of doing this is to actually put down your fork until you are ready to pick up the next piece of food on your plate. This will help break the habit of over eating from eating too fast.

You will most probably notice that once you start eating a little slower you actually get to enjoy the food you’re eating a lot more! You’ll have more time to enjoy the feel and the tastes in the food.

It takes a little while after eating food for your body to record the fact that it has had enough, many people overeat when they eat too fast because they think they are still hungry.

You should never eat until you are full or bloated; rather eat until you feel comfortable that you have had enough. Your body will tell you when it’s had enough to eat… Start to listen to your body!

If you are new to this work…

The way they teach weight loss is not well known. The weight loss techniques I and a small group of super-models use are very, very powerful and will work for anyone.

If you would like to learn The Secret Of Slim – complete you’re Free Membership Form.

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