Friday, 5 February 2010

weight loss: day 21

today has been quite boring, same as normal really, but i have managed to stick to my diet so im doing well i have just checked my measurements of my waist and my waist is 38inches and my hips are 42.5inches i have lost 1.8inches on my waist but only 0.1inches on my hips but i know it will take longer for my hips to loose the weight so im not all that bothered. i am going to measure my thighs and arms to later on so ill either let you know later today or tell you tomorrow. now when i started this weight loss program my measurement were very different take a look
measured Wednesday 13th January 2010
left arm: 13
right arm: 13.1
left leg: 28.2
right leg: 28.3
waist: 39.8
hips: 42.6

Friday 5th febuary 2010
left arm: 12
right arm: 12
left leg: 27
right leg: 27
waist: 38
hips: 42.5

so you see there is a slight difference in the weight loss over the last month and hopefully it will continue.if you like how this weight loss program has worked and is working for me then please come and see the fantastic website that i found this amazing weight loss program.

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